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There are so many benefits to becoming more active every day and here are some ideas to get you started
Find an active hobby, try something new or challenge yourself physically and become more active
whether looking for a team or going it alone, find out about local outdoor sports and clubs here
From Goalball to Gymnastics, Badminton to Boxing, there is an indoor sport to suit everyone - what will yours be?
Find out about the fantastic acitivites and clubs available across the county for older people and their carers
Activities and links to organisations that enable disabled people to be more physically active
Getting involved in sport and physical activity can help you get fit, improve your health and reach your potential
Physical activity has a wide range of health benefits for mind and body - click here to find out more

older people, Stayinworkout

Later Life Training Yoga olderare offering daily activities on YouTube that are ideal for older people.  These are live sessions so you can join in with the instructor each day (but are also available to watch as videos if you miss the time slot).

Each session includes a range of easy, low impact exercises that you can do in your own home.  They are gentle and especially designed for those who are older and/or less mobile.

Click here to view the range of videos available on YouTube.  Below is an example - the first few minutes are to allow those joining in live to connect, but if you wish you can just fast-forward to about 6 minutes to give you a taster of the exercises offered.

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