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Learn To Be Well with Apple A Day

Posted: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 10:00

Learn To Be Well with Apple A Day

On World Health Day we launched our '5 ways to be well' Campaign, which highlights some of the steps we can take to improve our mental wellbeing including: connecting with others, being active, taking notice of our thoughts and feelings, learning, and giving back to our communities. Apple A Day are one of 4 partners supporting out campaign. In this blog post, they talk about the importance of teaching wellbeing in schools, the ways learning can improve wellbeing, and share their top tips for integrating learning into everyday life.

The Importance of Teaching Wellbeing in Schools

Mental health and wellbeing are vital components of overall health and happiness. The impact of Covid has meant that mental health problems are increasingly common among our children, with many experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Therefore, it is more important than ever, to prioritise wellbeing in our schools and provide early support.

Schools are environments where young people spend a significant amount of their time. This gives our schools a unique opportunity to embed positive mental health and wellbeing habits and provide early support for those who may be struggling.

By schools providing information about mental health, teaching coping skills, and offering opportunities for pupils to practice self-care, children can learn how to maintain good mental health throughout their lives. In turn, children with good mental health can benefit from improved academic progress and higher attendance.

With these wonderful, life-long benefits, many schools have taken on a whole-school approach and implemented wellbeing strategies or policies. These strategies embed wellbeing practices into the school's daily routines, ensuring that pupils develop positive wellbeing habits.

If you are looking for children's books that deal with mental health in age-appropriate ways, Books for Topics have an excellent booklist here: https://www.booksfortopics.com/booklists/topics/pshe-emotional-literacy-citizenship/mental-health/

How Learning is Good for Our Brains

Learning wellbeing strategies is clearly important for our young people, but the act of learning itself can have a positive impact on mental health for all of us.

Here are some of the ways that learning can contribute significantly to wellbeing:

  • Personal Growth: Learning new things can lead to personal growth and development, this can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment in life. By acquiring new knowledge and skills, you can expand your perspectives and increase your understanding of the world, leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence.
  • Reduced Stress: Learning can also reduce stress levels by providing a distraction from everyday life and helping to focus on something positive and engaging. When you are engaged in learning, you are less likely to ruminate on negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Improved Mental Health: Learning can also help to improve mental health by providing the tools needed to cope with life's challenges. Learning new skills such as mindfulness, communication, and problem-solving, can improve your ability to manage stress, build resilience, and maintain positive relationships.
  • Social Connection: Learning can also provide opportunities for social connection and engagement. Joining a class or group focused on a particular interest or skill can help connect you with like-minded individuals and build supportive relationships.

Top tips for integrating learning into your every day life:

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook on a topic of interest.
  • Teach yourself a new skill by watching an online tutorial.
  • Do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle
  • Learn a new word
  • Use Wiltshire and Swindon Sport's activity finder to view opportunities to get involved in sports and activities, including clubs to join: https://www.wiltssport.org/activity-finder
  • Why not try one of Wiltshire Colleges' many evening leisure courses, such as jewellery making, upholstery, painting and printmaking, as well as a variety of languages, digital skills and more.


Apple a Day are a Wiltshire-based education recruitment company with a difference. For over 9 years we have been providing local schools, School Leaders, Teachers and Teaching Assistants with an award-winning service.

Managed by School Leaders, Teachers and Recruitment professionals, Apple A Day are educationalists providing a more personal alternative to large corporate education recruitment agencies, where the needs of supply teachers, candidates and educational settings are understood and met.

Apple A Day are passionate about young people having as many wonderful opportunities as possible and this is why we have partnered with WASP. The variety, frequency and inclusivity of events is incredible, and we are delighted to support what they do. We enjoy providing support both at planning level but also attending in person and supporting the young people taking part.

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