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Liam Dawson's Cricketing Journey

Laim DawsonBelow is our interview with local cricket player Liam Dawson as part of UK Coaching's coach week 2020.  Read to find out what inspires Liam and what qualities he feels make a good coach...

Name: Liam Dawson
Age: 30
Sport: Cricket
Current Club: Hampshire CCC
Representative Honours: England u15,17,19. England Lions, England 
School: John Bentley, Calne

What age were you when you started your sport?

Where did your sporting journey begin?
Watching my dad play cricket at Goatacre Cricket Club 

How did your local club support you as a young athlete?
Always had the opportunity to play plenty of games whether it be friendly's age group cricket or men's Saturday cricket 

Who was your favourite coach as a young athlete and why?
Tony Middleton, he was my academy director at Hampshire when I first got onto the academy at 15. He was passionate and gave you great insight into what is takes to be a professional cricketer. 

What local coach had the greatest influence/impact on your career and why?
My Mum and Dad probably had the most impact for me at a young age for always taking me to the games and training all over the county and to Hampshire are the biggest impact. 

 What elite coach has had the greatest influence/impact on your career and why?  
There’s 3, first one is Andy Flower in 2016, I first worked with him on my first England Lions (England Development Squad) trip to Dubai to on a training camp which followed a one day and t20 series against Pakistan. I’m not the most talented player but I always work hard and I think he seen this in me and he would always tell me to be cricket smart, stick to my strength’s  and use my cricket awareness out in the middle and always back that instinct of my game In match situations. This was so nice to hear as opposed to some or a lot of coaches always talking about the technical aspect of the game. Later that year I was selected for my ODI debut in 2016, the world t20 in India in 2016 and a test debut in 2017 and I owe a huge amount to Andy for my game progressing. 2nd coach is my current coach at Hampshire Adi Birrel. I sort of fell out love with red ball cricket and was struggling for motivation for a couple of reasons. He came in last summer 2019 and really made me enjoy my red ball cricket again. He really understands me as a person and I think this is a huge reason why I have started to enjoy red ball cricket again he has given me a real motivation to succeed and improve. 3rd Tony Middleton the Hampshire academy director when I first got onto the academy. He knew what took to be a professional and he was so good at getting young players to work hard learn. If you didn’t want to make the sacrifices he would soon realise that and find someone else!

 What one piece of advice would you give to a young aspiring athlete?  
Don’t evet forget why you started playing the sport you love because sometimes it does become like a job and if you start thinking this it will effect your performances. I can tell you this from my own experience!! 

 Who inspired you as a young athlete?
I guess my dad as I got into the game through him 

What are three things that your experience in local sport have taught you? 

  1. Don’t forget where you came from.
  2. The hard work from the people of a club that do all the tough jobs behind the scenes that keeps the clubs running.
  3. They will always support you whether you’ve had a good or a bad day! 

What person and or event has had the most influence on your life? Why? 
Without doubt having my son. You soon forget that sport isn’t the be all and end all! Gone are the days you come home after a bad day with no runs or wickets and sulk in the sofa all night!  You have more perspective in life and now the bad days don’t bother me as you always get to come home to your family and that’s the most important thing. My cricket has certainly improved for this reason.

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