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Sports Photography

betsy Lawrence photoWe met with photography student Betsy to find out how to become a sports photographer...

What course do you study at Uni?
I am in the Second Year studying Photography BA Hons at University West of England (UWE) which is based in Bristol.

What do you enjoy about photographing sport?
I believe it is so important to capture the real passion and thrill of sports in Photography. Sports has so many physical and mental benefits it should be encouraged more and photography can be a way to do this. This is a reason why I was so excited to be the photographer for This Girl Can Festival.

What advice would you give girls wanting to pursue photography as a career?
If you are passionate, go for it. I believe life is far too short to be doing something you do not love. I wake up and get excited about the possibilities there are, for example helping young women be inspired to take part in sports and be part of a team. I believe that if you want to help people, photography is such a powerful way to do it. I seek to help people to feel comfortable within their own skin.

What sports/activities do you do and why?
I must confess I do not do as many sports as I should however, I am now inspired by being involved with ‘This Girl Can’ therefore have begun Zumba and yoga.

Instagram photography page: florence.rose.adventures

Betsys’ 3 top tips to get the perfect action shot:

  • Use a large lens - this allows a larger aperture and helps reduce camera shake
  • Set a fast shutter speed of around 1/1000 of a second to get a crisp image
  • Be focused and take images constantly as every second could potentially change the whole image

Photos taken by Betsy at the Mid Wiltshire This Girl Can Festival will be available online after 3 March 2020 on this page.

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