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Physically Active Lessons Boost Academic Attainment

Children's wellbeing is influenced by a range of factors and includes their subjective feelings as well as social, physical and psychological aspects of their lives.  Consequently schools are key places for shaping general wellbeing.  The health and wellbeing of children and young people contributes to their ability to benefit from good quality teaching and to achieve their full academic potential.  A report on our children's health by the Chief Medical Officer of England highlighted that...

Promoting physical and mental health in schools creates a virtuous circle reinforcing children's attainment and achievement that in turn improves thier wellbeing, enabling children to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Academic success has a strong positive impact on children's subjective sense of how good they feel their lives are (life satisfaction) and is linked to higher levels of wellbeing in adulthood.  In turn childrens' overall level of wellbeing impacts on their behaviour and engagment in school and their ability to acquire competence in the first place.

The full Public Health England's briefing is available here:

pdfThe Link Between Pupil Health and Wellbeing and Attainment

A supporting academic study are available here:

pdfPhysically Active Math and Language Lessons Improve Academic Achievement (Mullender-Wijnsma et al.)



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