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Skip2Bfit for Schools

Skip2Bfit logoSkip2bfit are about motivating children to succeed, whilst at the same time encouraging them to exercise. Workshops fit in with the concept of 'Growth Mindset' as they demonstrate to the children that if they put the effort in, they can improve.

Skip2bfit will work in a school throughout the day seeing the children in their class groups for 30-minute sessions (or two classes in 45 minutes with a 15 minute assembly at the end of the day). With larger schools, they sometimes spend two days in the school. Reception classes can be seen one at a time for about 20 minutes each class. The charge is £380 + VAT for a one-day workshop.

Skip2bfit use skipping ropes that count the number of skips you do. After showing the children how to skip (varies on year group), they are challenged to a 2-minute skip2bfit skipping challenge to see how many skips they can do. After they have skipped, some of them give their score and are asked mental maths questions, depending on the year group. They are then asked to remember their score and to skip again and improve on their score. Children are challenged to improve and the majority of them do. The children are encouraged to make the connection between putting in more effort, showing determination and improving their score and that if they can do this with skipping, they can do this with everything they do. Children with a growth mindset believe qualities can be developed through dedication and effort and Skip2Bfit demonstrates to them that this is true. children are also given blueberries after each session in recyclable pots to encourage healthy eating.Skip2Bfit   home about us menu

After the one day workshop, aschool can buy the kitbag comtaining the resources to continue with the programme.. At the end of the 6 week programme, the children have their own data showing their improvement which they can put into a spreadsheet or simply draw bar charts. We suggest that schools then laminate children’s charts and give it to them to use as a reminder at how much they improved at their skipping. Teachers can then use this when children are struggling or being negative to remind them how much they improved at skipping just by putting in the effort helping them to develop a growth mindset. 

The end result is the children go skipping-mad and end up fitter and with better co-ordination.

If you were looking to book skip2bfit into your school.

Email- david@skip2bfit.com (please reference WILTS17 in your email)

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