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Covid-19 Physical Activity Headlines

Cricket iiSport England have provided the following update about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on physical activity (produced April 2020):

  • There has been a massive disruption in the physical activity behaviours of adults and children in England.  33% of adults did more and 39% did less physical activity in the last week compared to before the restrictions.  In the same period 29% of children did more and 37% did less compared to pre-restriction levels.
  • There is a recognition of the importance of physical activity in response to the pandemic. 63% of adults think it is more important to be active during the outbreak compared to other times.
  • The majority of adults are using physical activity to help them manage their health. 71% of adults agree that exercise is helping them manage their physical health, whilst 67% agree it is helping them manage their mental health.
  • The Government’s messages about exercise may be having a positive impact. 55% of adults in England agree that they have been encouraged to exercise by the Governments guidance:
  1. 59% of adults walked in the last week
  2. 48% did online fitness, offline fitness or informal activity in the home
  3. 19% went jogging
  4. 9% cycled
  • There are differences in levels of activity between different demographic groups. Older people, people on low incomes, living in urban areas or living alone are finding it harder to be active during the outbreak.

Please see the tables below for more detailed results.

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