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About Wrestling

WrestlingWrestling is a form of sparring using grappling techniques to gain and maintain a superior position over one's opponent. The term 'wrestling' is an Old English word which originated some time around 1100 AD, and is considered to be the oldest word still used in the english language to describe hand to hand combat. Even in Greek Mythology references can be found to wrestling; Zeus became ruler of the earth after defeating his father Cronus in a grappling match.The international discipline of Greco-Roman wrestling is very popular and is used in Olympic Wrestling competitions. In this sport, it is forbidden to hold opponents below the belt, or use your legs to trip them, and emphasis is placed on throwing, holding and pinning down opponents.

Freestyle Wrestling is also a popular Olympic sport for both males and females of various ages, and allows the wrestler to use their arms and legs offensively and defensively. Similar to Greco-Roman wrestling, victory comes from pinning the opponent on the mat for a certain length of time.

British Wrestling is the National Governing Body for the sport.

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