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About Snowsport

Snow SportSnow sports, or Winter sports, are traditionally played on snow or ice, but in recent years artifical snow or ice allow for more flexibilty for not only location, but also when they can be played. Common individual snowsports include skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, figure skating, skeleton and luge, and team sports include ice hockey, bobsleigh and curling. We are fortunate in Wiltshire and Swindon to have access to the Link Centre in Swindon which can offer sporting opportunities such as  skating and ice hockey.

Ice skating is comprised of various disciplines such as single and pairs figure skating, synchronised skating and acrobatic skating.

Ice hockey is a fast paced, physical team sport where skaters use their sticks to hit a puck into the opponents net. It is believed to have evolved from stick and ball games played outdoors and adapted to the icy conditions of canada in the 19th century. With hockey players moving around the rink at speeds of between 20 and 30 miles per hour, and the sport historically involving full body contact, protective equipment is highly recommended, and usually includes a helmet with a cage, shoulder and elbow pads, mouth guard, gloves, shin pads and heavily padded shorts.

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