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About Rugby League

Rugby LeagueRugby League is a full contact sport played by two teams of 13 players on a large grass field. Often referred to as the toughest team sport, the objective is to carry or kick the ball across the opposing team's goal line, scoring points to win the game. When a try is scored by grounding the ball over the opposite team's goal line, a 'try at goal' kick can then be attempted for further points. A try is worth 4 points, a goal is worth two points and a drop goal is worth 1 point.Passing the ball may only be done backwards or sideways, and it can be kicked forwards so long as the receiving team member is still in line with the kicker. Only the player holding the ball may be tackled, and the opposing team is allowed 6 tackles before possession must be turned over.Fumbling the ball on the ground also forces a handover of the ball, as does the ball going over the sideline.

This is the main difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union, where Rugby Union makes use of line outs when the ball crosses the sidelines.

The Sport England recgonised Governing Body for Rugby League is Rugby Football League.

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