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About Rowing

RowingRowing is a sport where athletes race against each other propelled by their oar blades pushing against the water. It is one of the oldest Olympic sports.

Rowing is a great way to exercise as it requires development of core strength, balance and cardiovascular endurance. It is one of the few weight bearing exercises that exercises all of the major muscle groups.

  • In Sweep Rowing, each rower has one oar held by both hands.
  • In Sculling, each rower has two oars, or sculls, with one held in each hand.

The difference between rowing and other forms of watersports such as canoeing or kayaking, is that the oars are held in place at a pivot point on the side of the boat. Racing boats also have moving seats to enable the rower to use the power from their legs as well as their upper body for each stroke of the oar.

The majority of races feature side by side racing called a 'regatta', where all boats start at the same time from a stationary position, with the winner being the first boat to cross the finish line. Most regattas in England are between 500m and 2000m in length.

British Rowing is the recognised governing body for rowing in Great Britain.

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