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Golf Xtreme for Secondary Schools

Golf Foundationolf Xtreme is a version of golf specifically for use by young people in secondary schools. This involves the use of specially designed, lighter, beginner-friendly clubs and reduced flight balls to ensure maximum safety on school sites. Those attending the 4-hour workshops will receive a teacher’s manual contains games, exercises and session plans.

Golf Xtreme

• Is fun, inclusive and can engage pupils previously disengaged from traditional team sports delivered in schools.
• Can be a high-energy game that helps with PE and fitness.
• Actively promotes honesty and integrity among its players, and sportsmanship and good behaviour follows.
• Can be played in a variety of places at school, offering flexibility for the games lesson.

Golf Xtreme Equipment Available from Davies Sports £399.95 + VAT www.daviesspor ts.co.uk 

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For more information about the Golf Foundation, visit www.golf-foundation.org or call 01992 449830

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