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About Fencing

FencingFencing is a very elegant and skilful combat sport using bladed weapons.

It is one of four sports which have been featured at every Modern Olympic Games event. In history, evidence of Fencing schools can be found in European historical records dating back to the 12th Century.

There are three main categories and weapons used in Olympic Fencing;

  • Foil - a light thrusting weapon used to target the torso back and shoulders only, with points scored for touches with the tip of the blade
  • Sabre - a light cutting and thrusting weapon used to target the entire upper body except from the hands by slashing with the sides of the blade
  • and the Epee - a heavier thrusting weapon targeting the entire body using hits from the tip of the blade only.

Fencing is a fast and athletic sport, and as such, in competitions the validity of touches is determined by an electronic scoring apparatus, and 'right of way' rules are followed to eliminate any referee error or bias.

It is very easy to start Fencing at any age, with foam and plastic swords available, and clubs across the country with their own equipment welcome new members.

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