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About Cheerleading

CheerleadingCheerleading is a competitive team sport, which consists of 2 minute 30 second routines incorporating stunts, tumbling, dance and jumps.

Categories of skill range from 1-6 with level 6 bring the highest, and further divided by age and amount of athletes on teams, and whether they are all girl or coed teams. 

Teams compete all year round in hope to make it to level 5 and win a bid to the cheerleading world championships in Disneyland Florida, to compete against the other top teams in the world. 

Cheerleading is a very physically demanding and responsible sport. Flyers are thrown high into the air, twisting and somersaulting, relying on their bases to catch with perfect skill and timing. 

Flexibility is extremely important for flyers as try are held above bases heads and pull their stretches, known as scorpions, scales, heel stretch, arabesque and bow and arrow. There is a whole other language for cheer terminology! 

The competition outfits can cost between £30 to £300, and a vast majority of British teams don't have their own facility or sprung floor yet.

Girls across the country who don't enjoy the usual sports or fitness regimes admit to being in love with cheer training. It's great exercise, great social skills and amazing to be part of.

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