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How to get into boxing ...

BoxingBoxing has been a popular sport, literally for centuries and over recent decades, its popularity has grown massively, thanks to TV coverage of boxing matches and films celebrating boxing and boxers (like Raging Bull, Ali and, of course, Rocky and its various sequels and spin-offs).  Good boxers have long been able to earn a decent living for themselves, these days; they can become celebrities and seamlessly cross over into other professions when they decide to call time on competing.  Jack Dempsey was arguably the first great boxer to become a respected actor; Mickey Rourke and Anthony Quinn were also recognized as professional boxers and then went on to become respected actors. 

Of course, by definition, only a few make it to the very top, but the good news is that if you do love boxing and are prepared to put in the time and training, there are plenty of opportunities for you to turn your passion into an income.  Coaching is one obvious example of this as is personal fitness training.  Alternatively, you might just prefer to keep boxing as a fun and sociable hobby, which has huge benefits for your physical fitness as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing and therefore your health in general.

The physical benefits of boxing training

Boxing is one of the best all-around workouts there is, combining cardio and muscular exercises for the whole body. Remember as well as using your upper body to punch (and defend), your lower body needs to keep you moving (literally) so it is harder for your opponents to land punches on you.

The mental benefits of boxing training

If you do get into actual fight training, you’ll find it mentally challenging too and will learn a lot about situational awareness and strategy which you can apply to other situations.  It’s great for stress relief and if you join a boxing club, you’ll have all the social benefits this brings with it.

How to get into boxing

Just join a boxing club.  Seriously, there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Boxing has long since cast off its image of being just for young, working-class men and is now one of the most inclusive sports around.  These days, the range of participants covers all ages and social backgrounds, women are perfectly welcome and there are even classes and competitions for people with physical disabilities.  What’s more, it’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to participate in actual competitive fights, in fact it’s highly likely that many of the people who currently participate in boxing have little to no intention of ever stepping into a ring and boxing competitively.  Some may even decide to pass on sparring (practicing combat skills with an opponent without actually trying to land serious punches).

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Written by Katie Mills

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