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Primary PE Audit Tool

Association of Physical EducationThe model illustrates a professional knowledge base consisting of four distinct areas; subject knowledge, pedagogic knowledge, practice in context and reflection and academic engagement (as depicted through the four coloured boxes). The purpose of the model is to engage beginning teachers, qualified teachers and institutions in a process of critical reflection and engagement in professional learning for primary physical education.

Although the model depicts professional knowledge as a journey, it recognises that progression through the stages (emergent, secure and aspirational) is not linear or time bound. Professional standards remain at the centre of the model to ensure that development of professional knowledge in primary physical education is well evidenced and continually reviewed against Teacher Standards.

The four aspects of professional knowledge appear at each phase of the journey and are depicted as hierarchical to ensure that signposting is relevant to the appropriate stage of the teacher. Knowledge within the model is not assumed to be fixed, but flexible depending on the individual, context and relevancy to the professional to whom it applies.

Click HERE to view the Primary PE Model

Click HERE to view the Primary PE Audit Tool

The Association for Physical Education - http://www.afpe.org.uk/physical-education/professional-learning-model-a-auditing-tools/



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