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UK Coaching 1We’re inspiring an active nation through great coaching

People often say that a sport or activity changed their life. Why? Well, when you ask what they mean, they talk about an individual, someone who supported them to be better, to be themselves or to live the life they wanted.

That’s great coaching. And that’s why we're here. We want everyone to experience great coaching.

Why Coaching?

Research proves again and again that coaching not only improves physical and mental wellbeing but also brings about social and economic benefits. 

"Throughout my journey ... coaches have helped me across all elements of my life to allow me to develop and become the person I am today."

Ollie Hynd, paralympic swimming champion

about usOur Principles of Great Coaching:
  • Person-Centred

  • Empowering

  • Organised

  • Positive

  • Learning

  • Engaging

Great Coaching is about PEOPLE.


Start Coaching

Many people, without possibly even knowing it, use coaching skills to inspire others. Mums who nurture their children, managers and leaders who support teams to achieve individually and collectively, kids who comfort their mates in difficult times.

Sport and physical activity provide a fantastic medium in which to inspire and support people through coaching.



Amputee with coachCoaching Standards

We work with organisations in the sector to develop the agreed, core standards for coaching. We design them to:

  • ensure people have the right level of qualification, insurance, knowledge and skills to coach
  • safeguard participants and coaches
  • improve coaching opportunities.
Coaching in Schools  

Our toolkit gives step-by-step information to help Headteachers, PE Leads, coaches and coach deployers ensure that coaching in schools is both effective and sustainable. Includes a free, self-review tool to asses effectiveness and sustainability.

UK Coaching Website - https://www.ukcoaching.org/about

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