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Relaxation & Meditation Through Yoga

yoga 2Welcome to the Yoga for Shcools section of our website.  Here you will find video resources aimed at teaching the children and/or staff at your school some much-needed relaxation and meditation techniques.  We hope you will find these useful in promoting and improving wellbeing.

The video sessions will all be led by Salisbury's Park Yoga instructor Sarah Naylor.  New videos will be added to this page each week during terms 1&2 of the 2020/21 school year.  If you know of anyone else that may be interested in receiving these videos, please do share this registration link with them: http://www.wiltssport.org/get-informed/wasp-news/2926-free-yoga-sessions-for-schools

The first 2 videos below (Introduction to Seated Yoga 1 & 2) offer guides on how to sit comfortably when taking part in the sessions, as many people of all ages find it hard to remain comfortable for more than a few minutes.

Introduction to seated yoga:


Yoga Relaxation & Meditation Videos:







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