Fencing Sessions in Swindon

FencingFencing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. In the age of chivalry, duelling was favoured as a method of settling matters of honour, because of its grace & simplicity.
These remain the most attractive aspects of the sport today where both men & women practice on equal terms. It’s very rewarding; developing all round fitness, flexibility of movement, stamina, mental agility, co-ordination, balance & self confidence. Fencing's unique mix of physical & intellectual stimulation can burn over 400 calories per hour.  Above all, it’s great fun learning to duel using swords!!  Classes run each Tuesday following a structured course to
challenge & develop our future fencers.
Venue: Oasis Leisure Centre, North Star Avenue SN2 1EP
Day: Tuesdays
Times: 7-8pm (Juniors), 8-10pm (adults)
What to Wear: The Club provides professional coaching & all equipment (mask, jacket, plastron, glove & weapon) - please wear T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms (compulsory) & trainers
To Register: email swindonfencingclub@hotmail.co.uk or call 07527 546 164
See www.swindonfencing.org.uk for more details
4 Free sessions with the leaflet below!

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