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Dance has evolved over many centuries, and definitions of what consitutes as dance are dependent on social, cultural, artistic, aesthetic and moral constraints. 

Although the history of dance cannot be clearly traced through physical historical artefacts, many contemporary dance forms can be traced back to historical, traditional, ethnic and ceremonial origins.

Many styles of dance and movement now exist, and vary from Breakdancing to Ballet, Tribal African dances to Folk, Bollywood to Cheerleading, Country and Western to Belly Dancing.

No matter what style of dance you wish to engage in, they all have something in common. Dance not only involves flexibility and whole body movement, but also an awareness of physics, as if the proper physics are not adhered to, injuries can occur.

Information on Dance and Movement can be found on the English Amateur Dancesport Association.

Exercise Move Dance

EMD UK (Exercise Move Dance UK), previously known as EMDP (The Exercise Movement & Dance Partnership), was constituted in 2006 when after consultation and support from Sport England. The Medau Society, FLexercise and the Keep Fit Association (our founding organisations) came together to form an umbrella body for exercise, movement and dance.

Since 2006, EMD UK has continued to grow and change to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market.  In early 2016 we became the national governing body for group exercise, providing support to participants, instructors and fitness organisations. Supported by Sport England, we work in alignment with their national strategy: “Towards an Active Nation” which is at the heart of everything we do and strive to achiev

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