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About Bowls

Wiltshire is a Bowls HotSpot for 2016 !

The Bowls Development Alliance have announced that Wiltshire has been selected as one of 8 counties in the country to be a Bowls Hot Spot Area. The project that will be led by Wiltshire and Swindon Sport will see clubs in the County being able to enjoy a range of benefits and raise its profile as a sport anyone can take up and enjoy.

During next year some of the clubs in Wiltshire will be hosting open days and taking bowls into local communities to encourage people to give the sport a try. There will also be support for clubs to increase the number of coaches in the County and develop new skills and knowledge within clubs.

Just Bowl from Bowls Development Alliance on Vimeo.

About Bowls

Bowls is an ancient sport, traced back to the 13th century in England, and the world's oldest surviving bowling green is the Southampton Old Bowling Green, which was first used in 1299.

It is a lawn game in which the objective is to roll slightly asymmetric balls so that they stop close to a smaller "jack". It is played on a pitch which may be flat or convex.

Bowls is normally played outdoors although there are some indoor venues and the surface is either natural grass or artificial turf. Each game usually consists of 21 turns, or 'ends' and the players have to roll their bowls from the starting mat towards the jack.

Each player has a set number of bowls (4 in singles & pairs, 3 in triples and 2 each in fours) and points are awarded for each bowl closer to the jack than the opposing team.

In flat green bowls the game is played on a large, rectangular and precisely levelled surface called a 'Bowling Green' which is divided in parallel playing areas called rinks

In Crown Green Bowls, the entire green area is used, and the player can send the jack anywhere that they choose on the playing area. The green in this game is more akin to a golf green, with lots of undulation and uneven ground. Crown Green Bowls is very popular mostly in the North of England but also in Wales, West Midlands and Shropshire.

There are various contacts for the sport of bowls

  • Bowls England (www.bowlsengland.com) governs the game of Flat Green Bowls 
  • British Wheelchair Bowls Association (www.bwba.org.uk) for Wheelchair Bowls
  • English Indoor Bowls Association (http://www.eiba.co.uk/NGB for indoor bowls

Use the Bowls Club finder for information on local bowls clubs - click here

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